Cancellation Policy

For the past two years, Simple Therapeutics has been very lenient regarding our 24-hour cancellation policy. Unfortunately, over the past several months, this leniency has been abused. Therefore, we are now implementing a strict no exceptions rule for our new policy. Please read the policy below.


Simple Therepeutics requires a 24-hour advance notice on cancellations. Failure to cancel an appointment at least 24 hours in advance will result in a no-show fee being charged. This is because failing to cancel the appointment, or even simply not showing up, results in the therapist not making any money and their time being wasted. The no-show fee is to provide the therapist with a payment for their time. The no-show fee breakdown is listed below.

All clients will now be required to provide a credit card to book an appointment online. Your card will be charged the appropriate no-show fee should you fail to provide us at least 24 hours advance notice that you are canceling the appointment.

If you will be using a gift certificate or package for your appointment, you are welcome to call us and we will take the certificate number over the phone and book the appointment for you. If you fail to provide the 24 hour notice of canceling, we reserve the right to redeem your code anyway.

Please note that once you have three no-shows on your account, you will no longer be allowed to book online and will be required to pay in full in advance.

We appreciate your understanding and we know that most of you will not be affected by this policy.

No-Show Fees:

25 Minute Acupuncture or Massage - $10
55 Minute Acupuncture or Massage - $20
85 Minute Acupuncture or Massage - $30
New Chiropractic Exam - $28
Chiropractic Adjustment - $16